What is VIBE Whole Health

At VIBE when we speak about whole health, we are talking about your utter wellbeing. Our technology provides direction in improving every aspect of your health. Physical fitness and good nutrition only account for so much. Beyond those areas, we provide you with the tools to get your mind right by offering guidance in organizing your day, getting a good night’s sleep, reducing stress along with other inhibitors. At VIBE Whole Health we have partnered with top mental and physical health professionals to architect a platform that will enable you to thrive physically and mentally. 

VIBE Whole Health is a lifestyle improvement tool focused on your entire being. Stress negatively impacts your cardiovascular system. Lack of sleep slows muscle repair. The human physical body is thoroughly interconnected with your mental state. Improving one part is a short-term fix, so we focus on the whole you. 

We will give you the knowledge and guidance to improve your physical fitness and the mental strength to keep on going. We understand that for lifetime of improvement you need to do what is right for you. Dreading your workout regimen or tolerating a painful diet is NOT a good foundation to a lasting improvement. VIBE’s broad approach of varying fitness courses emphasizes the whole you for balanced development. 

The VIBE Whole Health Team constantly reviews and tests emerging techniques and tools that will help our community. When we find something that works, we will offer it allowing our members a fresh, exciting, vibrant journey they can stay interested in. We understand a new provider or technique can be the spark that takes your health to the next level. 

There is no one size fits all in improving your whole health. We understand everyone is different. That is why we offer drop in courses from a variety of providers so you can customize your health program to your needs. And we will never stop growing expanding our vast provider network and inventory of courses. It’s our guarantee to provide you with the solution that works best for you.