About Us

Vibe Whole Health was Born out of Necessity

VIBE Whole Health was born from the experience of its co-founder who served in the military and law enforcement. Surviving combat abroad and returning home with PTSD while working in law enforcement forced him to build mental toughness quickly. The toughness to admit to himself he had a problem. To open his eyes to the fact he was suffering from a trauma related illness. Reluctant to seek professional help he developed a self-care regiment that reprogramed his thinking and ultimately prepared him to meet with mental health specialists.

He has shared his method with others, each with problems and challenges as unique as they persons they affect. His method was working to establish therapies for trauma-related illnesses into courses involving fitness, nutrition and self-improvement. Teaching his mental toughness approach as the foundation to these lessons, they identified their problems on their own and became prepared for all healing options.

His story is the reason VIBE Whole Health was created. We avoid the stigma of treatment and instead lay the tools for healing at the feet of our users. VIBE uses technology to put everything at your fingertips with simplified, entertaining plans designed by certified professionals, specifically for improving the whole health of first responders and other front line workers.
Many people operating in the modern environment face unique challenges that break down an individual’s wellbeing. The fundamental nature of a first responders’ and front-line workers responsibilities places them in society’s worst situations. The resulting physical and mental impacts individuals differently, but there is an effect, and it has an inherently negative effect on their overall health.


The human body is thoroughly interconnected. The body needs the mind as much as the mind needs the body. VIBE and our partners have developed a program, designed with today’s challenging work environments to help individuals improve their whole health. VIBE’s application encourages users to be healthier, by providing the tools skillfully devised to improve their fitness, nutrition, and relaxation all while learning important mental toughness techniques.
VIBE’s user-friendly application makes it easier for our clients to make the right choices. After creating a profile, a personalized program is set to strengthen their overall health. The application is available on smart phones and computers. Users have everything necessary to improve their whole health. They are given stretching and core strengthening courses. Nutrition education for every lifestyle. Fitness programs, as well as tips and techniques, from industry experts. Meditation and relaxation exercises. Life coaching for the modern first responder as well as embedded instruction on recognizing the severity of mental disorders and teaches proven techniques to self-treat those issues. Everything needed to improve their whole health will be at their disposal. Programs are also formatted to meet the time-restricted needs of the user. Full video classes – 5-minute video vignettes – visualized plans – instructional infographics – video provider meetings – and other tools. And their progress is measured and recorded to show successes and needs.
VIBE is technically robust. It is a flexible and scalable application that works with various ERPs and legacy software. The application is secure and all personal information is protected.
VIBE is not a check the box service. We provide real established, data driven support and not anecdotal solutions. We are an investment into your workforce. An investment protecting the people who serve the people.